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The Moose discovers snowballs

“Look at my gloves!  There’s colors on them!!” (These are the only gloves he can GET on and will actually LEAVE on.) “I’m gonna throw a SNOWBALL at you!!” “Don’t worry, bud – you’re safe from the Moose.  I gotcha.”

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Almond Braid

There are times, when someone asks for a recipe, that it’s simply a matter emailing them the document that I’ve saved it in.  Or just jotting down what I do from memory.  Or making a copy of it, plus a couple … Continue reading

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The Battle of the Nesting Box

If you’ve ever raised chickens, then you know that six nesting boxes is actually four too many, for 30 birds. There are THREE hens in the next at the right.  The tail on the right does not belong to the … Continue reading

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Kids in the snow

Junior and the Moose are at that age where it’s enough to just go out and wander around, looking at things, when it snows. … although it appears that Junior is more interested in watching everyone else’s reactions to the … Continue reading

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Old-Fashioned Potato Salad

Somewhere back in the mists of time, I believe one of my grandparents used to make this potato salad.  My mom painstakingly copied it into her recipe collection, which I pirated wholesale just before leaving the nest. Of course, I … Continue reading

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Chores in the snow

One of the awful truths of rural life is that, even if there is snow on the ground, the chores must be done. Behold, the empty firewood cart and the empty (spare) poultry waterer:   However – since it was … Continue reading

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Sledding in the Snow

Just when we thought all hope was gone of seeing any more of the white stuff this year… it snowed! Three inches, roughly.  Enough to go play in, and it was just the right texture too. All the kids went … Continue reading

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