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Winter Salad To The Rescue!

I had all my ingredients ready to prep the day before Thanksgiving for my usual Thanksgiving Busy Salad contribution to The Feast. And then I discovered that all the lettuce was involved in the Romaine Recall du jour. However, I … Continue reading

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Animal Control

So, I called the Sheriff’s office today and spoke to the animal control officer. We decided not to press criminal charges against the neighbor – though we could – but we are legally able to shoot the dog if it … Continue reading

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Stuffed mushrooms

Add enough cheese and pesto, and I can get the troops to eat mushrooms. Rosebud made ricotta yesterday, so I mixed that with homemade cheddar, pesto from our garden (frozen last fall), and garlic powder (grown and dehydrated here). Mushrooms … Continue reading

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When you’re making cheese and there’s a spider on the floor.

Pretty sure the picture says it all.

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Dogs and chickens

I don’t like dogs. For one, I’m allergic to them, and as cute as they can be, I enjoy breathing more. I really don’t like aggressive dogs. Killer dogs. Apparently, one of my neighbors owns one. This morning I was greeted with the … Continue reading

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Festive kombucha

My kombucha dislikes change. Specifically, it detests the changes in the weather. Going from summer to winter, and then doubling back to pick up autumn (our weather has been particularly screwy this year), took the heart right out of it. … Continue reading

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Homemade Sausage

We’ve talked about making homemade sausage for years. We have finally done it! We split a hog with our neighbors, and butchered it ourselves. Our friend Mike came over to help. He kept apologizing for taking so long, and we … Continue reading

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