I am a farm-raised homeschooling mom that enjoys feeding my family and friends nutritious food that inspires people to seconds.  Thirds, anyone?

My family worships the Lord and enjoys our extended family and friends.  We like to work together, play together, and eat together.  Our family hobby is accumulating the domestic skills that we find enhance our lives, our wallets, and our table… while having a good time and good eats along the way.

I love exploring new foods and skills with my friends. After being vigorously encouraged, I’m finally dipping one toe into the world of blogging and testing the waters.

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  1. florr says:

    I completely agree. There’s just something in it that calls to my inner control freak. And amen on how quickly it all comes undone! I get drug down with a migraine one afternoon, and the house is a complete wreck the next morning. I’m so thankful Hubby at least tries and actually wants me to continue teaching him how to do certain stuff and cook. It’s slow going because he never learned these things as a child or teen growing up, but he’s trying.

  2. Hi. Sounds like we have a few things in common – except we are no longer homeschooling. (Something I have mixed emotions about). Also, it sounds like you are a much more experienced farmer than I am. I’ll look forward to reading your blog.

    • dep31 says:

      Thanks! I hope that you enjoy the blog… I have a feeling that there are many more ‘farming’ posts on the way in a few weeks.

      We are doing all right with the homeschooling, but boy! It’s a lot more work than I ever thought it would be when we began. I couldn’t manage it without the great group of other homeschool moms that I know. Their encouragement and example – and availability for my distress calls – is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going. I’m also blessed with a husband that is very supportive of what I do at home, which makes all the difference.

      I hope that you enjoy the blog! I love comments. Visit often! 🙂

      • Brenda says:

        Seriously, I wouldn’t worry. I was a first grade teacher and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the kids who had been to kindergarten and those who hadn’t. It’s more of a way to warm up to school than to learn anything — the kids learn all that stuff just as fast in first grade. And, if you’ll believe what I’ve been reading (Better Late Than Early, and the writings of Peter Gray), they learn it even faster and better at seven or eight than they do at six.Meanwhile, there are so many important things to learn at five: how to love learning, how to follow your passions, how to play. And your daughter will learn these fine without any curriculum! Since the nationwide age for compulsory education is eight, and I believe that’s what it is in our state (in some it is six), I plan to unschool till then. If even the government doesn’t think my kid needs any particular thing before that age, I see no need to push anything!

    • Ersan says:

      Hi Gem, *sigh* I know how you feel. It’s my dad who pressures me to put Emme in scohol. He thinks she is behind as well even though she isn’t! She was just a late reader, but she has since caught up to her appropriate grade level . (Although sis Jennah reads at a 12th grade level, so according to my dad, Emme should be way ahead too .(sigh))I went back and forth and was going to put her in scohol and then Michele and Rose both talked to me and I changed my mind. (I know it’s different since it’s Squid) If they are going to be in a scohol could there BE a better situation than the one they will be in? Together in class? Friend from church? Dance instructor? They’ll be ok. And if they are not, I’m sure Squid will be back on the homescohol bandwagon! Hugs,Sherry ps Emme wants to PLAY!

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