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Burek – a way to use up leftover roast beef

Once the initial meal is past, and the family has eaten all the roast beef sandwiches any sane people can handle, what can a cook do to use up extra leftovers? My ‘journey’ to this recipe started with a trip … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Rolls

My mom has this incredible recipe for cinnamon rolls.  I suppose they are technically ‘caramel rolls’, but there’s cinnamon in there… so I call them cinnamon rolls. There have been occasions when I’ve asked other people what they’d call them, … Continue reading

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How I get my children to eat asparagus

Or, rather, “Ex-para-gus”, as it gets pronounced around here. It’s one thing to have nutrition experts proclaim that green veggies are good for us to eat.  It’s another thing to persuade kids to eat them.  One of mine is generally … Continue reading

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War Zone

When settling into a previously owned house, you never really know what you might find while getting moved in. There are the usual finds… old paint cans, discarded Christmas ornament hooks that buried themselves in the back of closets, unneeded tools in the … Continue reading

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Must be something in the water…

Aunt J would be proud.  Natter is officially a snake handler. He and a friend went exploring in the woods today, and came back with prizes.  Live ones. I suspect having a female audience look on appreciatively may have jump-started his … Continue reading

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