Farmhouse Wheel

Just opened up this beauty today. Sliced nicely, has a good flavor somewhere between Cheddar, Jack and Gouda. Aged four months. Made with mostly skimmed milk right here on the homestead!


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Nobody wants to see that.

I store sleeping bags under the piano, as acoustic dampers. Otherwise, my eardrums meet in the middle of my head when I practice. I had a sleeping bag to replace under there today, and found this:


Any pianist worth their fingernails should be alarmed when suddenly confronted with a large cabinet bolt lying under the harp.

A brief search revealed where it had come from:

Worse and worse! This means that over 700 pounds of metal and wood under a whole lotta pressure has been sitting on a peg leg and not bolted in. The other bolt was in, but not tight.

Fortunately, I had a socket wrench, and disaster was averted.


Much better.

B3F88DFA-106C-424F-BB64-8E41FA8847FFCan you imagine if that had given way during a lesson or rehearsal??

I’m checking all the legs now!

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Winter Salad To The Rescue!

I had all my ingredients ready to prep the day before Thanksgiving for my usual Thanksgiving Busy Salad contribution to The Feast. And then I discovered that all the lettuce was involved in the Romaine Recall du jour.

However, I am blessed with good friends, one of whom had sent me a salad recipe link just a day before. I’d admired it, but had thought I was set and therefore able to avoid the pre-Thanksgiving grocery store madness.

I did manage to avoid the insanity, due to shopping at 9:30 PM, and was able to create this concoction:


It was well-received, and even looked good in the serving bowl:


I tell people, “If you have Thanksgiving with us, and go away hungry, it’s your own fault for not trying hard enough.” Also, “Your third plate just means you’re barely getting started.”


If you’d like the salad instructions – it’s more a formula and less a recipe – here’s the link. I highly recommend it!

How to Make a Winter Salad with Seasonal Ingredients

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Animal Control

So, I called the Sheriff’s office today and spoke to the animal control officer. We decided not to press criminal charges against the neighbor – though we could – but we are legally able to shoot the dog if it comes on our property again.

I learned a new thing: if we shoot it with a BB gun, and its injured, then we’re liable because it’s not a weapon designed to kill. The officer advised me to use lethal force; then, even if I were to injure it and it got away before I finished it off, then it’s apparent that I was attempting to kill a known threat. Huh.

The officer spoke to my neighbor (and was seriously NOT impressed when said neighbor pretended not to speak English. Since the officer speaks fluent Spanish -neighbor is Hispanic – that went over like a lead balloon.) Officer was pretty annoyed. Anyway. Neighbor was instructed to keep dog on a chain at all times when it’s outside, since it was seen jumping the five foot fence and the neighbor has told us previously (in English) that shock collars don’t work for it.

Round One is now complete. Let’s hope he keeps his dog under control so that we don’t have to kill it. If it kills again… the there’s probably a fine and possibly an arrest in the owner’s future.

Hooray for sensible rules. When we lived in Kirkland, we were told that the dog that bit my piano student’s mom wouldn’t be dealt with at all until there were at least two separate biting incidents on file with the police!



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Stuffed mushrooms

Add enough cheese and pesto, and I can get the troops to eat mushrooms.


Rosebud made ricotta yesterday, so I mixed that with homemade cheddar, pesto from our garden (frozen last fall), and garlic powder (grown and dehydrated here).

Mushrooms baked at 350° for about 25 minutes. They did not last long!


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When you’re making cheese and there’s a spider on the floor.


Pretty sure the picture says it all.

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Dogs and chickens

I don’t like dogs. For one, I’m allergic to them, and as cute as they can be, I enjoy breathing more. I really don’t like aggressive dogs. Killer dogs. Apparently, one of my neighbors owns one.


This morning I was greeted with the news that our neighbor’s German Shepherd has killed one hen and took it home with him, after injuring three other hens.

The damage to two of those hens was severe enough to make it necessary to butcher them right away. The third might make it; she’s still mobile, so we’ll see if she recovers.


In one five minute killing frenzy, that dog took away 25% of our eggs for the next few months, destroying about $100-$130 worth of livestock. It also caused severe pain and stress to the flock. The owner may or may not acknowledge it, and it remains to be seen whether or not they’ll step up and take responsibility for their dog’s actions. If they do, I’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

If you own a large predator animal, you’re responsible for the damage it does. Really, you’re responsible for any damage your animals do, predators or not… but predatory damage is the most common and, it seems, most ignored by owners. If your dog kills someone else’s livestock, then at the least, reimburse them the cost of the animals. If your dog kills repeatedly, then either rehome it or shoot it.

Here’s hoping that things improve around here as the day goes on, because it didn’t start well.

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