Late Adopters

Now that the last of our cordless phones for our landline has died, we are shopping for a corded all-in-one phone/answering machine, since the main problem with the cordless phones was that the kids would get on the phone for hours and the handsets would get lost.

We’ve functioned just fine with this thrift store find for months, but it’s incompatible with the old system, which had the answering machine built in.


The primary units on the market have huge buttons and large font displays. Mr. Caffeinated calls them antiques. It’s obvious that they are targeted at the retiree market.

I believe this purchase places us squarely in the “Late Adopter” customer category.

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Obsessed goats

“Hey, lady. I see you over there pulling stuff outta the ground, lady.”


I’m harvesting garlic, silly girl. You wouldn’t like it.

“How do you know??”


Ok, ok; you can’t have garlic, but I’ll put some thistles up on the post to keep you occupied. Noisy goat!


“Service for two, right?”


“Go away, kid, these are mama thistles.”

Never a dull moment when goats can see you.

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June Bug

This little guy decided to invade the house this evening and was discovered hanging out on the curtains. The question was asked, “According to the Gardener’s Response Chart, what is the proper reaction to this interloper?”


Actually, the initial poser was, “What on earth is that? Is that it hissing??”

June bugs do, indeed, hiss. This makes them alternately intimidating or hilarious, depending on your perspective.


Chickens, for example, will regard a hissing June bug with the same equanimity that your average adult in chore boots views a hysterical Chihuahua.  Hens watch for a moment to see if it does any other fun tricks, then dart off with it  for a quick snack, generally followed by the rest of the flock, protesting that they were, in fact, intending to eat that bug.


My response tonight was to use a sieve and a jar, and capture it to feed to hens tomorrow. Rosebud reminds me that the first time I encountered one, I was not nearly so calm.

I had been out gardening, and it finally got too dark to see. I gathered my tools and headed for the house. Something tickled my ear; a twig, I thought.  Not wanting to stop and set things down,I gritted my teeth and walked faster.

Once in the garage, tools discarded, I finger-combed the “twig” out of my hair. Upon discovering that it was, in fact, a largish, hissing big, I promptly shrieked and threw it as far as I could. After a quick rain dance, it occurred to me that I should probably kill it to prevent it from multiplying. I asked Mr. Caffeinated (who had been watching the proceedings with some amusement) if he’d seen where it landed.

He solemnly informed me that he had not, but based on its speed and trajectory, he guessed, “Kansas”.


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Farmgirls in the City

This alternately amuses and horrifies people… but my older kids and I really enjoy sushi. So when Rosebud and I found ourselves in Redmond, we indulged.


We tried out Oto Sushi in Redmond. I recommend the Peachblossom Roll. Quite tasty.

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High Security Willow

I tend to find “farmy” things to do when I travel. Mr. Caffeinated teases me about my busman holidays. This time, I built a fence.

My favorite ex-neighbors in the whole world recently celebrated an anniversary, and he bought her a willow tree.


Problem is, deer love willow trees. In two days, they’d already stripped the lower branches.  We scrounged around, and begged some T-posts and a pounder from a neighbor, and got to work.

One layer of fencing was not going to be enough.  Deer would have laughed at a four-foot-tall fence, leaned over, and kept nibbling.  A great use of 10′-sections of pipe: double the fence!


There wasn’t any wire laying around, but there were zipties.  Reaming out the holes in the pipes took a bit of work, but made it possible to use the really heavy duty zips.


Redneck engineering, complete with rednecks!:


At one point, I pulled the ladder towards myself, inadvertently spilling one guy’s beer all over my jeans.  Many jokes were then committed, mostly along the lines of if I were pulled over for a breath test, I’d blow a zero but my pants would likely blow a three…


We got done just before dark.  If the deer manage to eat any more of that willow before it outgrows that fence, then they’ll have had to develop opposable thumbs.


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Gardening Response to Bugs Chart

Given the number of insects that feel the need to crawl on my person when I’m destroying their habitat (read: weeds), I felt it necessary to document my observed response away from the fray in order to more properly view the carnage objectively.


Seems about right.

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The Girl Likes Worms

My daughter takes after me. She does not scream or flinch upon discovering a giant nightcrawler. Instead, she picks it up and evaluates it for length, agility, speed, hardiness, and its potential as either an active contributor to the compost system or attractiveness as chicken bait.

That’s my girl!

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