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The Dangers of Living in the Woods

I went for a walk with a neighbor, and we saw this gate. Now that’s what I call spontaneous yard art.

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Rendering Beef Fat into Tallow

Every once in awhile I find myself doing something which, if you’d told me twenty years ago I’d be doing, I would have thought you had gone off the deep end.  I think this is in part because God has a … Continue reading

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The joys of co-sleeping

Junior-man is apparently incapable of sleeping all night by himself. This in defiance of all recommended child-sleeping arrangements from all kinds of well-respected pediatric authors and researchers alike; he simply doesn’t care. He wants someone to snuggle with, and now … Continue reading

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Egg Consumption

Someone at church last week asked me how many eggs we go through in a week.  I had to think about it.  My off-the-top-of-my-head response was three to five dozen per week. Some weeks we eat more, simply because we … Continue reading

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