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Homemade Sausage

We’ve talked about making homemade sausage for years. We have finally done it! We split a hog with our neighbors, and butchered it ourselves. Our friend Mike came over to help. He kept apologizing for taking so long, and we … Continue reading

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New hack for scrubbing burnt pots

I love finding new hacks, especially when it comes to getting burnt pans clean without ruining them. Last week, I tried making three gallons of goat milk into caramel by mixing the milk and the sugar in a turkey roaster, … Continue reading

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September Icicles

I think it may be time to defrost the freezer and replace the seal.

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High Security Willow

I tend to find “farmy” things to do when I travel. Mr. Caffeinated teases me about my busman holidays. This time, I built a fence. My favorite ex-neighbors in the whole world recently celebrated an anniversary, and he bought her … Continue reading

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Instant Pot Laying Hens

I was late to the Instant Pot party, but once I joined, I quickly became a True Believer. Once of the best reasons for a homesteader to have an Instant Pot is to make the meat from old laying hens … Continue reading

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Ahhhh, butter.  It’s not that hard to make, but it’s seemed like a near-impossibility until just recently.  Several things had to fall into place, the main one having access to a cream separator. My lovely neighbors purchased one, though, so … Continue reading

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Jam Session at the Homestead

Once a month or so, I get together with a bunch of other Christian musicians and we try out new charts.  Some of us are trained musicians.  Some aren’t.  Some sing.  Some play multiple instruments; others only one.  Not everyone reads music. But it’s pure joy. Continue reading

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