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Some days things go more smoothly than others. Some days, I learn new things. Today I learned that I cannot cook a 1.5 batch of ice cream base in my blender. Lesson learned!  

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Gardening Response to Bugs Chart

Given the number of insects that feel the need to crawl on my person when I’m destroying their habitat (read: weeds), I felt it necessary to document my observed response away from the fray in order to more properly view … Continue reading

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Elusive Ents

Hey, Treebeard! I think I found an Entwife!  Or perhaps an Entmaid! She looks pretty spry… better come quick before she gets away!

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We Had To Butcher Our Milk Cow

Sometimes homesteading means making hard decisions. Last week, we had to make a really tough one: we butchered our purebred registered Jersey milk cow, Buttercup. Do not be mistaken; this was not a decision made lightly. For one thing, she … Continue reading

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Egg Consumption

Someone at church last week asked me how many eggs we go through in a week.  I had to think about it.  My off-the-top-of-my-head response was three to five dozen per week. Some weeks we eat more, simply because we … Continue reading

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Solutions for picky eaters

I just finished reading “French Kids Eat Everything“, by Karen Le Billon. Let me tell ya – it’s having an impact on mealtimes around the house, here. The cover pretty much covers the general plot line of the book – … Continue reading

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My favorite farmer

Occasionally, I am asked where I get all my great deals on organic produce.  The vast majority of what I acquire comes from one man:  Vik. Vik’s family has an organic farm in Wapato.  They primarily market to restaurants and … Continue reading

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