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Pie Dough – my current version, with tweaks

After seeing  a number of articles in the past year on pie-baking, I decided to make an effort to find a pie dough that was more than just an envelope for the filling.  I wanted something super-flaky, with a good … Continue reading

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Grandma gets to play

This handle does this. That handle moves that. If you move that there and pull this at the same time, then you can do this. Did you mean to do that? I think we’re bringing the redneck out in everyone.

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The intrepid explorer takes her turn at the controls. This ain’t brain surgery, you know. Her erstwhile assistant has a go. He may have a future in construction.

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Monkey see…

Someone has been watching Mama wear Junior in the front pack/baby carrier. He has his birdie, and he’s hands-free! Watch out, world!

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Cherry fan

I think he’s looking forward to cherry pie this year, no?

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Lessons on Barney

First up:  Grandpa, on the big purple dinosaur. Choreography by Pete. “Watch it… watch it…” Whoo hoo!  Go, Dad! We have the cool Tonka toys.

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Escape Attempt

“Hmm… I’ve gotten this far without anyone noticing…” “I wonder if they’d notice if I made a break for it.”   “Headin’ Out!”

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My favorite farmer

Occasionally, I am asked where I get all my great deals on organic produce.  The vast majority of what I acquire comes from one man:  Vik. Vik’s family has an organic farm in Wapato.  They primarily market to restaurants and … Continue reading

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How to peel chicken feet

The first few times we butchered broilers, we tossed the feet in the garbage.  Then we found out that these are valued in the Asian community for making really healthy broth.  Turns out, the gelatin, collagen and calcium in the feet … Continue reading

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Prepping broilers for the freezer

I plan to roast or grill most of these whole birds, and there isn’t enough meat on the backs, necks or wings to make those parts worth eating when the whole bird is roasted or grilled.  So I save the … Continue reading

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