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16 eggs!

The hens, they have discovered Spring!

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Winter mornings

It is beautiful out today!  We’ve had a week or more of foggy, soggy mornings, and I am enjoying the gorgeous sunshine for once. Our hens gave me  five eggs today.  Generally, hens eggs weigh right around 2 ounces, but … Continue reading

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Laying Hens

My hens are so weird.  The temperature drops to 60, and they go from laying 5 eggs a day to 2 or 3. Then the temperature precipitously drops to freezing, and it snows.  And what do I get?

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The Battle of the Nesting Box

If you’ve ever raised chickens, then you know that six nesting boxes is actually four too many, for 30 birds. There are THREE hens in the next at the right.  The tail on the right does not belong to the … Continue reading

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Christmas for chickens: Cabbage Tetherball!

I read someplace recently that chickens like cabbage.  In particular, that they like cabbage in the wintertime because it’s fresh and green. So I got them a cabbage for Christmas.  I even drilled a hole through it… … and made it … Continue reading

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