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Homegrown Dollhouse

Natter loves to build things.  Said things are sometimes of dubious functionality and/or construction, but he puts his whole heart and soul into the effort. For Christmas, he wanted to build his sister a dollhouse for playing and storage.  Given … Continue reading

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Inaugurating the Giant Chicken Tractor

The Ark is finished!  We towed it into place on the night before Christmas Eve.  Moving it was a whole family affair: Junior rode on my back while I drove; Rosebud took pictures; the Moose appointed himself inspector.  Mr. Caffeinated provided … Continue reading

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Time Out For Snow

  The excitement started yesterday with the weather forecast.  Not just any weather forecast, mind you – Natter and I read through Cliff Mass’s detailed-with-computer-imagery forecast, with the anticipation getting thicker the further we read. Today the kids, who were … Continue reading

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Light and Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

I love buttermilk biscuits.  When I was growing up, my mom would make them regularly for breakfast.  We’d smother them with butter and jam or honey, and eat them by the truckload. Now that I’m baking them for my own crew, … Continue reading

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Chicken Tractor, Part I

This thing has been in the works for weeks.  We need a moveable coop because 26 chickens can ruin a patch of ground permanently in under 6 months.  And that’s after it starts stinking. So – the new coop progresses!  … Continue reading

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When life gives you eggs… bake.

After discovering that the hens were holding out on me, I had to do something with all those eggs. So – I made gluten free bread: Chocolate “Soothers” – something like a cross between warm pudding and a drinkable brownie.  … Continue reading

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Fowl Play

These past weeks, the chickens have been giving us fewer and fewer eggs.  I’m told that this is pretty normal because of the colder weather we’re having. I opened up the coop a week ago to make sure things were … Continue reading

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