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Fried Calamari

I have a weakness for fried seafood. When I was in school, my dad and I used to have a quarterly competition:  my grades versus his sales record.  The loser had to treat the winner to dinner, and the quality … Continue reading

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The Joys of Laundry

With any chore that I have to do repetitively, I tend to fantasize about systems to make it flow better. Sometimes I even manage to implement those ideas. In our old house, I had a rolling laundry cart that had … Continue reading

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On Boys And Turkeys

I am rapidly becoming convinced that boys and turkeys have a lot in common. They spend the first quarter of their lives trying all kinds of creative ways to kill themselves. A couple weeks ago, the Moose wandered casually over to … Continue reading

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Sleeping on Duty

What you get when you tell your kid he has to clean bathrooms.  When what he really wants to do is run outside and play with his friends, and is therefore motivated to get it done in less than the … Continue reading

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Black raspberry mid-summer update

I was hoping for picture-perfect berry plants to post updates on. Sadly, they aren’t.  We moved, and then had two weeks of unseasonably cold, wet weather.  Rainfall records were set.  Temperatures hit lows they hadn’t hit in 50 years.  That, plus … Continue reading

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