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She waited for snow

Because, you know… the goats all got a BLIZZARD when they gave birth in February. Well, Bella almost made it – there was snow on the hills surrounding us this morning, and we set all kinds of records for weather … Continue reading

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New hack for scrubbing burnt pots

I love finding new hacks, especially when it comes to getting burnt pans clean without ruining them. Last week, I tried making three gallons of goat milk into caramel by mixing the milk and the sugar in a turkey roaster, … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Organized

I just finished the curriculum planning for  the Moose for his fourth grade homeschool work this year. This major undertaking, which usually eats up most of August, results in me having weekly checklists completed for the entire school year; very … Continue reading

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Pre-Concert Prepping

Spent half the day yesterday and today over at the church, getting ready for tomorrow night’s concert. Sound check! Last and final panic-print rough draft of the concert program shell before it goes to Office Depot for printing. By tomorrow … Continue reading

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Pungent Phonics

Teaching children to read is a joy. As they get bigger, they are less willing to snuggle… but are usually willing to suspend this prejudice during reading. Homeschooling means getting to spend lots of that up-close-and-personal quality time with my … Continue reading

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Two more boxes of pears

Equals 23 pints plus a few for eating fresh. This is in addition to the two boxes I did last week. Unless red Bartletts (my favorite variety) miraculously materialize, I believe I’m done processing pears for the year.

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Watch out world, he’s licensed!

As of mail delivery today, he’s carded and official. Ready or not, here he comes! I’m not certain I’m ready for a teenage driver as well as college student, but I will admit it’s got its benefits. He’s voluntarily taking … Continue reading

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September Icicles

I think it may be time to defrost the freezer and replace the seal.

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Garden, out of control

August is the month for back-to-school and the garden reaching peak of harvest while simultaneously seeing the weed population explode. I neglected to pick anything for a week while I organized my older children’s school schedules, and so found myself … Continue reading

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