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What the kids do during canning

This year, we took down the porch swing for a few days while canning tomatoes.  It decided to rain, so we needed to fit everything on the porch.  This had the added benefit of keeping the little ones occupied for hours … Continue reading

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… and then Mama went Ballistic.

Do you have, or have you ever had, a 3-year-old?  Did they follow you around all day asking pointless questions and refusing to take any answer, regardless of the actual answer, or the consistency (or not) of the answer, as … Continue reading

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Canning Tomatoes

My apologies for the long hiatus.  We’ve been canning tomatoes.  We went to the fair.  We worked in the dirt.  We butchered turkeys.  And then I got sick with a lovely first-of-the-fall cold, which still hasn’t managed to go away … Continue reading

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Tomato Days

The tomatoes have arrived. More pictures of actual processing will be forthcoming.  High priority at the moment is getting them into jars!

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More livestock

Yet another critter has been discovered at the homestead. Natter caught it hiding under the shrubbery.  He tried to find something appetizing for it to eat. After a few more photos and a lot more holding, I managed to persuade him … Continue reading

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Dust in the rain

Then the skies opened up, and it poured. It rained so hard, it raised the dust!  You can see the clouds of it rising from the ground.  The raindrops were huge, and the dirt flew for the first few minutes. … Continue reading

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Moonrise on the homestead

I need to figure out the settings on my camera for night shots; this is a tad blurry. We’re past frog season, but the crickets are beautiful too. So peaceful.

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Junior, with grins

Pictures by Rosebud.  She’s growing up!  

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