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Rendering Beef Fat into Tallow

Every once in awhile I find myself doing something which, if you’d told me twenty years ago I’d be doing, I would have thought you had gone off the deep end.  I think this is in part because God has a … Continue reading

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Chocolate chip cookies in the name of science

I was forced – forced, I tell you – to bake chocolate chip cookies.  They were calling out to me from the ether, or my subconscious, or the Internet, which is more likely. I felt compelled to first try out a … Continue reading

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Roasted Squash Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are all well and good… but for a truly delicate, pop-in-your-mouth seed, roast the ones from an acorn squash. First, scoop them out of the middle of the squash, and remove most of the goo. Then, boil for … Continue reading

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Roasted Acorn Squash with Bacon & Maple

Acorn squash is a quintessential winter dish around here. I found some huge (head-sized!) squash.  Cut in half lengthwise, they roast up nicely in the oven when sprayed with oil and lightly salted and peppered.  It takes about a half … Continue reading

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Baby Food: Sweet Potatoes and Brown Rice

Have you ever taste-tested grocery store baby food?  I did, years ago.  Bleah.  That, plus the price, was what inspired me to start making my own. I tend to make industrial-sized batches and freeze them in jars.  A couple weeks … Continue reading

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Steaming grape juice

Nearly every fall, I make grape juice. Nearly every fall, someone asks, “How did you make this?”, to which I reply, “With a steamer-juicer.” And, nearly every fall, I end up trying to describe, with energetic but frequently inadequate hand … Continue reading

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Fair Food for the Moose

Surprisingly, finding gluten-free and dairy-free food for the Moose wasn’t too much of a problem at the fair.  At least, I think it was GF/DF, and he didn’t break out horribly afterwards. His particular favorite, which wasn’t a shock, was … Continue reading

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