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Swimming Lessons

Last summer, Natter, Rosebud and I had the opportunity to go swimming with various cousins at a friend’s swimming pool. I was rather looking forward to splashing around in the water and maybe getting in a couple of laps.  Imagine … Continue reading

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Fennel Hair and Skin Tonic

Every so often, even with my regular hair care routine, my hair will start feeling rough.  Or greasy.  Or both. When shampoo and conditioner won’t do the trick, what’s a girl to do?  Particularly if you’re sensitive to parabens and … Continue reading

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The pitfalls of fashion

I have no picture for this post… but trust me, you wouldn’t want one. I was at Value Village today, looking for some new duds.  I like getting new clothes, but hate spending money… so this is how I compromise.  … Continue reading

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New Reading Material

My family is used to seeing me with my nose in a book.   Mr. Caffeinated claims I’m the only person he knows that can do laundry or wash dishes and read simultaneously. I will freely admit to a raging fiction … Continue reading

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What to do…

… when the math is too hard. Or if there’s just too much of it. …according to Rosebud.

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Ever wonder what happens in a hospital when the power goes out, and the nurses need to give patients narcotics? You know, the ones that have to be signed out of a vault under armed guard, in triplicate?  And promptly … Continue reading

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The joys of power outages

Last week, we had a very busy Friday planned. Homeschooling. A playdate. A group purchase, with the sorting happening at our house.  26 families were involved. On Monday, a notice was put on the front door:  “There will be a scheduled … Continue reading

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Surprises from God

Once in a while, just like us earthly parents, I believe God likes to just give His children gifts out of the blue. That’s what happened to me this week! I’ve been wanting a nice food dehydrator, and thought maybe I could … Continue reading

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Cottage Cheese Bread

A few *cough* years ago when I was heading for college, I copied all of my favorite recipes out of my mother’s cookbooks.  Just so that I wouldn’t have to do without anything, you know, essential. I copied a few … Continue reading

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Not enough sympathy

A few minutes ago, Natter began wailing and came running from the bedroom. “Mom!  I fell off the bed right onto my head!  Owwww!!!!” I gave him a hug and kissed it where it hurt. Then Mr. Caffeinated inquired, “What were you doing that … Continue reading

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