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The day the rooster died

Our neighbors must think that we are absolute lunatics.  Not that they’d be entirely wrong. A couple of months back – after the morning sickness had passed, but before I couldn’t see my feet anymore – we got a semi-frantic … Continue reading

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The Moose has a birthday

A little over a month back, the Moose celebrated his birthday. For the first time in his life, he had cake with frosting.  I had planned to make it from scratch, but since we were out of town and I … Continue reading

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Hiccup remedy

Grandpa M has the hiccups. His favorite remedy is drinking ice water from the far side of the glass.  Given the amount of curiousity and/or ridicule this tends to elicit, he attempted to find some privacy in the pantry for … Continue reading

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The Moose loves popcorn. He will vigorously defend his horde from all comers. The most effective defense, of course, is overwhelming cuteness. In addition, this can be used as an offensive weapon for raiding others’ hoards.  Because the Moose loves … Continue reading

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Post-Christmas disaster zone report

Due to my being approximately the size of a house, with about the same amount of maneuverability, the holiday decorating was done this year by Things One, Two and Three. The tree was all their responsibility.  I take no credit … Continue reading

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No-Flour Peanut Butter Cookies

I discovered this recipe at Chickens In The Road, and knew that with all the peanut butter addicts around here, it would be worth trying.  Plus, with it being a GF/DF recipe, the Moose could eat them too. A quick … Continue reading

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