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Time Zone: Homeschool

We tend to be a night-owl family, rather than an early-bird variety.  I work in the afternoons, and so dinner tends to be a bit later than average. The kids can stay up late, because we’d rather they sleep in … Continue reading

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Safety First

We’re very safety-conscious around here.  Especially when it affords the opportunity to don cool headgear. An ascension to the heights, for example, is a splendid opportunity to sport the latest in padded plastic head armor. A ride in a sports-car … Continue reading

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Variations upon a Theme

What do you get when you cross a homeschool mom with young children with a music geek? There’s probably a pretty pithy answer to that… but given that I tend to the magniloquent, I’ll go the route of illumination. Every … Continue reading

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Farming Activities

One of the many, many papers that we’ve had to sign in the process of purchasing our new home was some sort of “agricultural disclosure” form. It said something along the lines of, “in signing this form, you state that … Continue reading

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We’re moving!

As most of you know, we’ve been looking for a new home for a long time.  As in, three years. Our real estate agent has graciously shown us more than 30 properties, and we’ve been outbid or too late to the … Continue reading

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A poem for new beginnings

See here for larger font:  Tolkien poem

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It’s time to order broiler chickens and turkeys!

For those of you that have asked me about ordering pastured eggs, chickens and turkeys – this year they are available for sale!  You can even order them online! There are even chicken feet available, for the hard-core broth makers among … Continue reading

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Love is…

…what leads me to massage Bag Balm on the Moose’s back at 1:00 AM when he’s fussy, because it has broken out and itches. Even though he did it to himself, by dragging a chair over to the counter, and raiding the … Continue reading

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Baked Brown Basmati Rice

I used to try to boil brown rice, but I consistently either scorched it or added way too much water. Then I bought Cook’s Illustrated’s “The Best Light Recipe” cookbook.  They had a recipe – and an article – on … Continue reading

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