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Steaming grape juice

Nearly every fall, I make grape juice. Nearly every fall, someone asks, “How did you make this?”, to which I reply, “With a steamer-juicer.” And, nearly every fall, I end up trying to describe, with energetic but frequently inadequate hand … Continue reading

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Raspberry Lemonade

I overheard someone at a church potluck bemoaning the fact that very few people make ‘real’ lemonade anymore.  As in, made from actual lemons and sugar, rather than a mixes with artificial this and high fructose that. My kids love … Continue reading

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I use a lot of spices.  We like food with plenty of flavor around here, so I go through spices in bulk quantities. Years ago, I figured out that buying them in bulk was the way to go.  Most of … Continue reading

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Homemade Frappuccino

Over a week ago, I thought I’d give blended iced coffee a try.  I found a recipe on Pioneer Woman’s website (Tasty Kitchen) for an “Organic Mocha Frappe” that sounded pretty good.  Being me, I can’t help tweaking it a … Continue reading

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