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Stuffed mushrooms

Add enough cheese and pesto, and I can get the troops to eat mushrooms. Rosebud made ricotta yesterday, so I mixed that with homemade cheddar, pesto from our garden (frozen last fall), and garlic powder (grown and dehydrated here). Mushrooms … Continue reading

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Homemade Sausage

We’ve talked about making homemade sausage for years. We have finally done it! We split a hog with our neighbors, and butchered it ourselves. Our friend Mike came over to help. He kept apologizing for taking so long, and we … Continue reading

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Instant Pot Laying Hens

I was late to the Instant Pot party, but once I joined, I quickly became a True Believer. Once of the best reasons for a homesteader to have an Instant Pot is to make the meat from old laying hens … Continue reading

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Farm & Garden Chicken Pie

I made a chicken pot pie with some of the bounty from Grandma’s garden and meat from a broiler we raised last summer.       It was a rather improvised recipe of what I had on hand. … and … Continue reading

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Where did the month go?  I turn around, and four weeks have gone by since my last post! By special request:  This recipe for stacked enchiladas (sometimes known as Mexican lasagna, or enchilada pie), comes from my mother-in-law.  She taught … Continue reading

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Oven-Smoked Pulled Pork

What could be better for a firewood party than barbeque pork? For our party, I thawed out a couple of big pieces of pork from the hog we butchered.  I adapted a recipe for Oven Smoked Ribs from Cooks Illustrated. … Continue reading

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Beef Stroganoff

Now that the cold, rainy season has started, my crock-pot has become a permanent resident on the countertop.  A hot bowl of something after watching the rain all day is just what we like.  An additional benefit is that it makes the … Continue reading

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