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Steaming grape juice

Nearly every fall, I make grape juice. Nearly every fall, someone asks, “How did you make this?”, to which I reply, “With a steamer-juicer.” And, nearly every fall, I end up trying to describe, with energetic but frequently inadequate hand … Continue reading

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Canning Tomato Sauce

Ever year or so, I can tomato sauce.  It’s one of the more labor-intensive canning projects, but it pays off in superior food all year long. The first step, after washing the tomatoes (see previous post, “Canning Tomatoes“), is to … Continue reading

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What the kids do during canning

This year, we took down the porch swing for a few days while canning tomatoes.  It decided to rain, so we needed to fit everything on the porch.  This had the added benefit of keeping the little ones occupied for hours … Continue reading

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Canning Tomatoes

My apologies for the long hiatus.  We’ve been canning tomatoes.  We went to the fair.  We worked in the dirt.  We butchered turkeys.  And then I got sick with a lovely first-of-the-fall cold, which still hasn’t managed to go away … Continue reading

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Tomato Days

The tomatoes have arrived. More pictures of actual processing will be forthcoming.  High priority at the moment is getting them into jars!

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Cherry fan

I think he’s looking forward to cherry pie this year, no?

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My favorite farmer

Occasionally, I am asked where I get all my great deals on organic produce.  The vast majority of what I acquire comes from one man:  Vik. Vik’s family has an organic farm in Wapato.  They primarily market to restaurants and … Continue reading

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