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Two more boxes of pears

Equals 23 pints plus a few for eating fresh. This is in addition to the two boxes I did last week. Unless red Bartletts (my favorite variety) miraculously materialize, I believe I’m done processing pears for the year. Advertisements

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No use crying over spilt pickle brine

I make brine for pickles in gallon lots in the summer, and stash it in the garage fridge. It gets used over the course of a week or so as cucumbers ripen and get canned in small lots.  I had … Continue reading

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Pickle Parade

I picked the pickling cucumbers yesterday. I’d swear I got everything; I was thorough. Took my time. Wore gloves so that I wasn’t timid handling the vines. I picked a gallon ziplock full, and got jars ready for them today. … Continue reading

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You might be a garlic addict if…

… the garlic you grew and chose to pickle with has cloves larger than the cucumbers you grew to pickle. I mean, we have larger pickling cukes. I just favor the little ones. Also, hooray for homegrown compost!

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Montmorency Pie Cherry Harvest

We inherited a pie cherry tree of the Montmorency persuasion (along with other edibles) when we purchased our house.  This year, we had a bumper crop. Last year, we had a pretty good-sized crop as well, but the birds got … Continue reading

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Steaming grape juice

Nearly every fall, I make grape juice. Nearly every fall, someone asks, “How did you make this?”, to which I reply, “With a steamer-juicer.” And, nearly every fall, I end up trying to describe, with energetic but frequently inadequate hand … Continue reading

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Canning Tomato Sauce

Ever year or so, I can tomato sauce.  It’s one of the more labor-intensive canning projects, but it pays off in superior food all year long. The first step, after washing the tomatoes (see previous post, “Canning Tomatoes“), is to … Continue reading

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