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How to make a cow burp with 12’ of garden hose

As per our usual modus operandi, no sooner do we get into a new routine with a cow than we have ourselves a nice little inconvenient emergency. This round was bloat. We thought we’d done what we needed to do … Continue reading

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Loaner Cow

We have amazing friends. As in, I have no idea how these people end up in our lives;  we are just so amazingly blessed that they want to be friends with us, because how does anyone deserve friends like these?? … Continue reading

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We Had To Butcher Our Milk Cow

Sometimes homesteading means making hard decisions. Last week, we had to make a really tough one: we butchered our purebred registered Jersey milk cow, Buttercup. Do not be mistaken; this was not a decision made lightly. For one thing, she … Continue reading

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Ahhhh, butter.  It’s not that hard to make, but it’s seemed like a near-impossibility until just recently.  Several things had to fall into place, the main one having access to a cream separator. My lovely neighbors purchased one, though, so … Continue reading

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Clearing The Raspberry Jungle… with Goats and Cows

Weeding, when undertaken next to pasture in use, can be quite entertaining and sometimes a bit intimidating. The task: clear out the aisle between the raspberries and the pasture fence. The audience: cows, goats, and possibly the neighbors. “I would … Continue reading

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