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Instant Pot Laying Hens

I was late to the Instant Pot party, but once I joined, I quickly became a True Believer. Once of the best reasons for a homesteader to have an Instant Pot is to make the meat from old laying hens … Continue reading

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Laying Hens

My hens are so weird.  The temperature drops to 60, and they go from laying 5 eggs a day to 2 or 3. Then the temperature precipitously drops to freezing, and it snows.  And what do I get?

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My wierd chickens

They have nesting boxes.  Really, they do. Why on earth they find it necessary to squeeze into this gap – which is only about 3 inches wide – and lay there is beyond me. Strange birds.

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Fowl Play

These past weeks, the chickens have been giving us fewer and fewer eggs.  I’m told that this is pretty normal because of the colder weather we’re having. I opened up the coop a week ago to make sure things were … Continue reading

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