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Clearing The Raspberry Jungle… with Goats and Cows

Weeding, when undertaken next to pasture in use, can be quite entertaining and sometimes a bit intimidating. The task: clear out the aisle between the raspberries and the pasture fence. The audience: cows, goats, and possibly the neighbors. “I would … Continue reading

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Raspberry Lemonade

I overheard someone at a church potluck bemoaning the fact that very few people make ‘real’ lemonade anymore.  As in, made from actual lemons and sugar, rather than a mixes with artificial this and high fructose that. My kids love … Continue reading

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Taming the Raspberry Jungle

Today, the sun shone.  There was no form of precipitation on the ground, and no threat of any looming in the sky.  Neighbors were out cleaning up their yards and dreaming of gardens. Me?  I pruned the black raspberries. Black … Continue reading

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