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Yet another gratuitous baby picture


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Faces of homeschool: Natter

Just in case you might think that all we do is play and eat around here, I thought I’d do a short series on homeschool.  Besides, summer vacation is coming up, and then we will be playing and eating all … Continue reading

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Boredom relief

What to do while Dad’s chaining up the van wheels? Head for the hills! Score!!

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More snow pics

They’re so HAPPY to have snow! Let the record reflect that Winter, this year, was on February 9th.

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Homegrown Dollhouse

Natter loves to build things.  Said things are sometimes of dubious functionality and/or construction, but he puts his whole heart and soul into the effort. For Christmas, he wanted to build his sister a dollhouse for playing and storage.  Given … Continue reading

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Time Out For Snow

  The excitement started yesterday with the weather forecast.  Not just any weather forecast, mind you – Natter and I read through Cliff Mass’s detailed-with-computer-imagery forecast, with the anticipation getting thicker the further we read. Today the kids, who were … Continue reading

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“Please prepare for the final approach to landing.” “Hello, my doting public!” “Mwah!  Mwah!  I could just eat you up!” “Red alert!  Red alert!  Who yanked the struts out from under this side of the aircraft!  Houston, we have a problemmmmmm!” … Continue reading

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