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Taco Soup

We love Mexican food around here.  But once it gets cold, tacos just don’t seem warming enough somehow. My solution?  Taco soup! I first got this idea from my sister-in-law.  I’ve since branched out and created my own version.  Here’s … Continue reading

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How I get my children to eat asparagus

Or, rather, “Ex-para-gus”, as it gets pronounced around here. It’s one thing to have nutrition experts proclaim that green veggies are good for us to eat.  It’s another thing to persuade kids to eat them.  One of mine is generally … Continue reading

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Stuffed Mini Peppers

Not too long ago, Mrs. Schf invited us over for dinner.  Being a hospitable and thoughtful lady, she made a dinner that was completely gluten and dairy free, so that the Moose could eat everything at the table.  (Thank you, … Continue reading

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Cherry Cobbler

I have always adored pie cherries, sometimes known as ‘sour cherries’. I like sweet cherries fresh when they’re in season, and occasionally frozen in smoothies and in ice cream.  But for pies, cobblers, compotes, crisps or dried… give me pie … Continue reading

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Plum Apricot Ice Cream, Dairy-free

This ice cream is one of my go-to recipes when I need something that is allergen-friendly and simple, and for which I have all the ingredients on hand.  This recipe is inspired by the plum ice cream recipe in “The … Continue reading

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Applesauce: Made And Canned At Home

What with all the ongoing applesauce drama around here, I’ve been feeling pretty good about our annual applesauce extravaganza. If you haven’t heard – Snokist, a major fruit processor in Yakima, Washington, has been found to be selling ‘reprocessed’ moldy … Continue reading

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Everyday Bread, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

One of the Moose’s favorite things in life is bread.  So it really stinks that he’s got allergies to gluten and dairy.  Fortunately, recipes abound for gluten and other allergen free breads, so I did some experimenting.  The Moose is … Continue reading

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