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Strawberry Smiles

Just guessing, but I’d say he’s pretty proud that he found the largest of the berries! We ordered strawberry plants from Gurney’s last year.  They arrived awfully early; we had to ask them to replace a bunch of them because … Continue reading

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Farm to Table: Lunch

I am entirely too proud of this meal.  The lettuce and strawberries are from my garden.  The cherries were given to me by a piano student, who harvested them from her family’s trees.  I made the cheese on the salad, … Continue reading

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Dirt Potatoes

One summer when we lived in Snohomish, my mother-in-law sent me home with some potatoes from her garden.  A neighbor happened by and saw them on my table, still clad in their topsoil, and exclaimed, “Are those DIRT potatoes??” Dirt … Continue reading

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Farmer Arms

I been a’workin’. Know how you can tell? That’s no tan line, it’s a grime line, baby. That’s equal parts sweat and dirt, with some thistle pollen and bug guts thrown in for good measure. My version of a farmer … Continue reading

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Clearing The Raspberry Jungle… with Goats and Cows

Weeding, when undertaken next to pasture in use, can be quite entertaining and sometimes a bit intimidating. The task: clear out the aisle between the raspberries and the pasture fence. The audience: cows, goats, and possibly the neighbors. “I would … Continue reading

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I think an intervention needs to be held for these lettuce plants.  They appear to be hanging out with a rough crowd.  I don’t like the look of those tomato hoodlums…

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Montmorency Pie Cherry Harvest

We inherited a pie cherry tree of the Montmorency persuasion (along with other edibles) when we purchased our house.  This year, we had a bumper crop. Last year, we had a pretty good-sized crop as well, but the birds got … Continue reading

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