Toe Surgery

As if there wasn’t enough drama around here… I’m having a series of three surgeries on my feet.

Back in college, over 20 years ago, I started having problems with ingrown toenails.  Not just my big toes; with all ten.  I went to a podiatrist, who claimed he could remove the offending parts of the nails and they wouldn’t grow back.

Well, he took them out, but they grew back.  And back.  And back.  I’ve been trimming them – and if you have ever suffered an ingrown toenail, you’ll know exactly how much fun that’s been – for 20 years.  This year, I finally decided that, after a couple of nasty infections when they got away from me, I’d had enough.  Back to a podiatrist – a different one!

My new doctor says that, given some of the things that the first doctor didn’t do, it’s not too surprising that they grew back.  Plus, apparently I was young enough at the time to have the “amazing regenerative powers of youth”… that now, at nearly 40, I probably don’t have anymore.

She won’t do all ten in one session, though.  It’s too much lidocaine to put in my system in one go, she says.  So – yesterday, I got the first four done.  Big toes and their next-door-neighbors on both feet.

That’s NINE shots in the toes, people!  Those are NOT FUN.

I seem to be doing all right today; I’m limping quite a bit, but keeping my feet elevated helps.  So did rebandaging and soaking in Epsom salts.

The next two surgeries will each be on only one foot – three toes per session.  This means I’ll be limping for weeks!  But when it’s all over, I’ll hopefully never have to deal with it again.

Dr. Lund (Everett Clinic) is terrific, if you’re in the area.

She says that having all ten ingrown, without there being a shoe problem, indicates that it’s genetic.  Natter has started complaining about his toes hurting, so it looks like (a) she’s correct, and (b) he’s next to go under the knife.  Poor kid!



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