Crazy things that have happened to me recently.

1. I had a birthday, and my favorite present from Mr. Caffeinated was permission to run away for the day. So I did; a neighbor called and asked if I wanted anything from the store; I responded with, “Can I go with you?” And off we went. And had a blast.

2. One of the stores we went to was the Franz Bakery Outlet in Everett. Now, I can’t recommend their customer service; the gal serving the cash register wasn’t exactly user-friendly. BUT… we were there to get chicken feed. Franz calls it “hog feed”. My neighbor simply said, “We’d like to get your hog feed”, and for $20 they brought out a – I kid you not – 4x4x4 rolling bin heaped FULL of bread.

It wasn’t just the Wonderbread-type stuff either. There were organic 25-grain loaves in there, and bagels, English muffins, pastries, gluten-free loaves and muffins, French loaves… it was all stuff that was a few days old, and therefore unsalable as ‘people food’… but it was still perfectly good bread! I saw a total of two loaves out of over 300 that had a few flecks of mold. The rest was good, and most of it was within a day of its pull date… many hadn’t reached it yet. We loaded up the truck (it filled the bed!), gave away armloads and armloads to friends, and I STILL ended up with an entire freezer full of bread! Half of it is getting fed to the hens. The other half, we’re enjoying. I don’t make bagels or English muffins, and my kids are loving having them around right now.

3. On Sunday, there were all these groups of people standing around discussing their plans to take Mom out for lunch, or having the whole family over for dinner, etc. Someone at church asked what I was doing for Mother’s Day. I answered that my goal was to create a path from the garage door to the freezer, with nothing to step over or trip on… preferably, to clear out the whole center of the garage! She was appalled – for Mother’s Day?  Clean out the garage??  But, oh, it’s beautiful.  You can see the cement!  There’s room in there to build things now.  It’s gorgeous.

4.  Junior learned how to climb up on the dining table.  I discovered this today when he dumped my glass of water all over the floor.  So now, in addition to his fascination with toilets which has resulted in our having to keep all bathroom doors firmly shut, we now have to keep the chairs pushed in at the table to avoid him taking a header onto the floor.  A climber and a plumber… why me??

5.  Natter and Rosebud have been enjoying the various cardboard boxes that seem to proliferate around here.  Apparently some of the science we studied stuck, because they are currently being hermit crabs.  This particular variety of hermit crabs doesn’t always seek out new shell-boxes, however, but will sometimes duct-tape additions onto the existing shell-box.  After they went through my entire supply of tape without my knowledge, I insisted that they replace my stash and purchase their own.  This has not slowed the local hermit crab population’s construction of progressively larger dwellings, however.

There are other evidences of insanity on the part of the natives, but I thought you might enjoy the high spots.


About dep31

I am a farm-raised homeschooling mom. I take great joy in making nutritious food that inspires people to take seconds. Thirds, anyone? We are a God-fearing, Christ worshiping family that enjoys good friends and good eats. If the kitchen is clean and the living room carpet is visible, then that's a nice bonus.
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2 Responses to Crazy things that have happened to me recently.

  1. Wow!!!!! Do you think I could get hog feed when I get out there?!

    That’s super cool!!!!!

    • dep31 says:

      I bet you could – but the last few times we went, the Franz store had been getting a lot more interest in the hog feed bread, so it wasn’t nearly as reliable or plentiful as that first time. But we still got lots several times! Also, though – it isn’t the most healthy food for animals; I ended up freezing a lot of mine and parting it out to the chickens over the course of several months as treats rather than a primary food source. But I hear that there’s a private feed mill in the Okanagan area that is GMO-free and possibly organic, and I want to check that out!

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