Chainsaw Day

Saturday was a great day.  Friends came over to help with our first round of firewood cutting and splitting.  We managed to rope in several guys with the lure of chainsaw lessons (with Pete – who is a certified chainsaw instructor) and big power tools.

Marci took pictures.  What a photographer!  She puts my feeble efforts to shame.  So – in lieu of showing you my own, which were few and far between anyway (I wanted to play with the saws, too!) – go to her blog and take a look!

Click HERE.

… and if you want to join us, we’re doing it all over again on May 25th!  Give me a jingle if you want to come.


About dep31

I am a farm-raised homeschooling mom. I take great joy in making nutritious food that inspires people to take seconds. Thirds, anyone? We are a God-fearing, Christ worshiping family that enjoys good friends and good eats. If the kitchen is clean and the living room carpet is visible, then that's a nice bonus.
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One Response to Chainsaw Day

  1. Mrs H says:

    I never even knew there was such a thing as a chainsaw instructor! Well!

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