Roasting and Freezing Pie Pumpkins

A week or so ago, the lovely Mrs. Stach. gifted me with four gorgeous pie pumpkins from her garden.

We love pumpkin:  pie, soup, bread… and most of all, the roasted seeds.

These four beauties been lurking in my living room, waiting to be cooked up.  Given all the insanity happening around here – logging, flu, pregnancy, you name it, I figured I’d better get them roasted and in the freezer before they turned on me.

Here’s how I prep pumpkin for the freezer:

Cut in half.

Set seeds aside in pot.

Scrape all the stringy stuff out using a grapefruit spoon.  Set aside for goats.


Spray with oil and set open side down in baking sheet.  Pour 1/4″ water in bottom of pan.

Roast at 400° until soft. (I test with a butter knife.)

While roasting pumpkins, boil the seeds in very salty water (3 T. salt to 6 c. water) for 10-15 minutes, until they begin to look waterlogged.

Spread seeds on cookie sheet.

Let pumpkins cool while roasting seeds at 250° for half hour or so, until they’re crunchy.  Sometimes they pop in the oven and sound like popcorn…

Peel pumpkins.

Run pumpkin through blender with enough water to turn it into puree.

Measure puree into labeled freezer bags.


Freeze pumpkin puree, and pour cooled seeds into jars.

My four pumpkins yielded 12 cups puree and 3 cups roasted seeds.  Thank you, Mrs. Stach!


About dep31

I am a farm-raised homeschooling mom. I take great joy in making nutritious food that inspires people to take seconds. Thirds, anyone? We are a God-fearing, Christ worshiping family that enjoys good friends and good eats. If the kitchen is clean and the living room carpet is visible, then that's a nice bonus.
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2 Responses to Roasting and Freezing Pie Pumpkins

  1. Mrs H says:

    yum YUM!! I just wrote up a post about pumpkins which I haven’t posted yet, but I’ll link it back to yours!

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