Time Zone: Homeschool

We tend to be a night-owl family, rather than an early-bird variety.  I work in the afternoons, and so dinner tends to be a bit later than average.

The kids can stay up late, because we’d rather they sleep in late and let us get some beauty rest.  We need it.  (Of course, some of this will be changing with the new farm!)

I hadn’t realized how much our kids’ assumptions about ‘normal life’ time had been warped by us until I was correcting Rosebud’s math today:

Yep, that all looks about right for our house.

Sally must be some neighbor kid, ’cause school doesn’t start here until well after 8:00 AM, and is done well before 8:00 PM.



About dep31

I am a farm-raised homeschooling mom. I take great joy in making nutritious food that inspires people to take seconds. Thirds, anyone? We are a God-fearing, Christ worshiping family that enjoys good friends and good eats. If the kitchen is clean and the living room carpet is visible, then that's a nice bonus.
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1 Response to Time Zone: Homeschool

  1. Mrs H says:

    Ha!! Cute!! Love it!!! Of course, shouldn’t you tell her she got it WRONG? I mean, check the answers! School answers don’t necessarily apply to real life, right!? Ah, the creativity of your children … never fails 🙂 🙂 “Bob is going to bed 12:00” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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